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I Honestly Can’t Tell Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Apart In This Cute As Heck Photo Shoot

But today I'm here to tell you about this new Draper James Valentine's Day photo shoot that has me saying "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???!!" and "awwww" at exactly the same time.

Draper James

I mean, yes, they are mother and daughter thus naturally they are probably going to resemble each other. But the extreme twinning between these two will never stop BLOWING MY DAMN MIND.

Draper James

And aside from being literal twins, they are also extreme mom and daughter goals.

Draper James

In an interview on her blog, Reese explains the one way she and Ava are most alike, and it's pretty much perfect.

I think the way Ava and I are most alike is our strong opinions and our empathy. From the time that she could speak, Ava has always had her own ideas, and I love to watch her express herself. She also cares deeply about her family and the world around her. She frequently educates me on news stories and issues young women are facing.

Ugh, love these two.

Draper James

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